The Mentor Program is one of the key reasons for the success of the Maya Macey Foundation.
The goal of the program is to encourage members of the Foundation, as well as scholarship winners,
to remain in frequent contact with each other. Each scholarship recipient is assigned a mentor to
help them through their college years.

Mentors assist in many different ways, from helping the students identify forms which must be sent in
to receive their scholarship money to larger issues such as choosing a major. The program was
designed to help ensure that the students remain in close contact with the Foundation. It has proven
successful, as many students continue to attend events such as the Maya Macey Foundation fundraiser
and the Foundation’s annual holiday dinner hosted by Shari and David Macey.

A student receiving a scholarship does not just receive money for college –
they become a permanent part of the Maya Macey Foundation family.

For more information on How to Become a Mentor, please contact us at:

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